Saturday, 20 March 2010

Revell Super Cobra (3)

Just an oil wash left to do on the ordnance and a touch of 'silver' on the jammer behind the rotor, but this one is virtually finished. Again like all of my models, some turn out well and others not so well. This one is definitely in the latter category. Tricky little kit to put together - while I finished and painted all the sub-assemblies separately they didn't come together at the end as easily as I hoped they would. Decals performed okay, but then everything does when drowned in Klear. Some nasty marks on the inside of the canopy- no idea how they got there and my basic 'foil' belts look a little too basic inside that huge canopy. Blades have "droop", plastic can easily be 'bent' between the fingers to achieve this effect.

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