Saturday, 9 December 2017

new-tool 32nd scale Revell P-51 D (early) has arrived - first look in the box

While many would undoubtedly have liked to see a new tooled B model Revell's latest release is an early (no tail filet) P-51 D. Since building their 32nd scale Spitfire IX earlier this year I've been rather taken with this series of kits from Revell -unbeatable value and nicely detailed too. And while I have the Trumpeter 32nd scale 'B' in the stash there are a lot of issues with it. Anyway that's for another time. Meanwhile this latest Revell kit looks the biz! For a start from what I have seen of the test shots and builds for the release of this kit it does have the wheel wells going back to the rear spar which most manufacturers get wrong on the P-51. The wheel wells are correctly depicted with the straight rear "wall" (i.e., the front of the forward wing spar) as well as separate parts for the ribs and structural details. NICE! For around £30 instead of £130 for Tamiya's P-51 in this scale, this should be a huge hit for Revell. I got mine from Model Hobbies inc of postage for under £30 although I believe RRP is around £36. First thing that struck me is that there are an awful lot of build stages to complete before you get anywhere near to putting the fuselage halves together - lots of detail! Revell really appear to be pulling out the stops on this 32nd range - good luck to 'em!

Below; note upper and lower wings in just two parts - no issues with dihedral or 'droop'. Separate rear fuselage/tail for the later versions. Loads of cockpit detail parts and a huge decal sheet for 'Desert Rat' of the 357th FG or 'Lou IV' of the 361st.

Monday, 4 December 2017

another Airfix A-6 in 72nd -Fw 190 night-fighter of 2./JG 2

Putting the finishing touches to another Fw 190 ... this one is a night-fighting A-6 from the elderly old-tool Airfix kit in 72nd scale, reworked with a few spares from the Eduard and Zvezda kits, including wheels and canopy, a new flat cowl gun cover and a rebuilt cockpit. Reference photos for 'black 14' as yet unpublished. The overall hell-blau-grau 76 finish is roughly over-sprayed over the standard grau scheme. This was done when 2./JG 2 retrained as night-fighters during the summer of 1943 - the scheme extended to the spinner and the cooler fan blades which are also in RLM 76. Balkenkreuze are the simple black outline type. Rudder and lower engine cowl in yellow. As mentioned decals for 2./JG 2 Fw 190s are available from OWL - note the Staffel had a complement of fourteen Fw 190s numbered 1 through 14. Gun barrels and pitot from Master.

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Airfix new-tool Fw 190 A (72nd) as Klaus Bretschneider's 6./JG 300 FuG 217 night-fighting 'porcupine'

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

IPMS Scale Model World Telford 2017 - photo gallery by John Frackleton

A small selection from IPMS SMW Telford 2017, featuring some models you may not have seen on other Telford galleries out there courtesy John Frackleton (see link below for much more).

Silver medal winner Peter Buckingham from our club - East Kent Scale Modellers - with his almost entirely scratch-built Manx Norton..

 Much more posted by John Frackleton on the East Kent Scale Modellers FB page here

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Airfix 1/48 new tool North American P51-D Mustang video review by Jason Champion

The brand new Airfix P51D Mustang (1/48th scale) in box review. Wonderful detail, brilliant decals, interesting and unusual marking options and a really good price according to Jason; " top quality throughout.." Watch Jason's video below. First ten minutes cover the decal sheet and instructions..

Bob from East Kent Scale Modeller's (my local club) is currently building this kit - no filler! Here is Bob's build of this kit as seen at the last club meet. Neat cockpit detail from the box, including lap belts slightly proud of the seat. Excellent!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Arma Hobby new tool PZL P.7a in 72nd

The long-awaited Arma Hobby new tool PZL P.7a has arrived. My boxing is the deluxe version with two kits, PE set, masks and two sets of resin wheels with different tyres. Two canopies are included with the kit and with the PE set is is possible to build any of the versions. The decal sheet has eight choices including German and Romanian machines. Unfortunately I missed out on some of Arma's special offers -  for a brief time you could just purchase the plastic parts so you could build all eight versions from the decal sheet at a lot lower cost. It would have been nice if they also sold the PE set separately. Looks like a winner.

Polish web site build here

Thursday, 5 October 2017

starting a new kit - should have known the Eduard Fw 190 in 72nd would be a tricky one !

"....anticpation, achievement, art and creative

Starting a new model kit is a great thing. Not only does it mean that you have completed another build to get here, it means that a whole new adventure is beginning. A new world that you control to the very end. How do you want your paint? Camouflage please. It's all about what you want your kit to become. It's a platform for the precious imagination to be employed. Freedom in a cardboard box....."

Great sentiments expressed by the author of the 'Amateur Airplanes' blog. I've been looking forward to building an Eduard Fw 190..and I now have a couple of Eduard's 72nd Fw 190s making their way down the production line, including the A-5 'heavy fighter' boxing above. I have found one or two issues of, the cockpit etch in the Profi-Pack edition doesn't fit and the gear bay is way too tricky to go together as easily as some make it seem and that wing just snaps in ..not! A very nice and lovely looking kit, but not easy to build- the lack of a positive location for the gear legs in the well may be a deal-breaker for some too! Will keep on flogging it!

the Brassin cockpit set for the Eduard 72nd build - I have used some of the contents on an old Airfix A-8 being converted to an A-5 with some Aeroclub parts - also currently on the bench. Of course with the various Eduard Boxes available there is no longer any need to do this to get an early Fw 190 variant.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Spitfire IX Revell 32nd scale - build review (7) - finished! PV 270 " AL" Al Deere Biggin Hill wing CO

First 32nd build for this blog and probably not my last  - there's no denying the 'impact' and 'presence' of a large scale model. My 72nd scale Fujimi F-4 being built alongside this one seems a little pathetic now. Of course I can see where I have gone awry - Humbrol 30 for the dark green was not a good choice to start with! Camo scheme airbrushed free-hand which in this scale gives a reasonable impression of a hard-edged finish and avoids a heap of masking. Belts from Eduard, codes painted, pilot's seat armour from sheet, flap indicators scratched/ cut out of the wings. As for the kit, well it seems churlish to say anything too bad about it when you get this much plastic for £20. Most of the sprues of course are from the Mk II kit but Revell don't tell you which parts (pilot's head rest etc) to usefully leave out. I kept the head-rest in the end. If you know PV 270 (subject of this build) you will know that it was restored with this in place. The Revell box build pic showing an antenna wire (!) is not the fault of the kit though. I also deployed the flaps down, hence the upper surface indicators (scratched). Yes, yes I know. Not done. Or as Mal on aeroscale put it,  " ..It was very rare to see lowered flaps on Spitfires on the ground. They were only used for landing and should be raised as soon as possible, to prevent any damage (apparently pilots would be fined if they didn't!) If the flaps are not lowered then these doors should not be open.." The Spit in my local museum (Manston) is on display in this configuration. Back to the kit - I will say though that I'm not terribly convinced by the dihedral in the wing. Far too 'flat' for me. But I have bought another one along with some Flevo Dutch decals. First three pics taken with my Ipad in fading light. I might try and take some more. My small tribute to a great Kiwi.

 Seafire at Duxford, flaps deployed. More elsewhere on this blog here