Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Focke Wulf 190 - edit January 2017

Above; new-tool 72nd scale Airfix Fw 190 in EagleCal decals for Klaus Bretschneider's "yellow 1N" 6./JG 300 wilde Sau 'porcupine'

I like to edit and update my blog pages from time to time, especially those that are 'most-viewed'. Herewith some views of the Tamiya 190 A-3 (1/48th) and the Revell F-8 (1/72nd) finished in SG 4 colours with the cowl Mickey mouse artwork. The Revell kit is starting to show a fair bit of flash now, and is no longer the best 72nd scale late Fw 190 Anton. The Tamiya A-3 is proving a little more tricky - the cowling, fuselage and lower and upper wings all have to be brought together at the same time to get them nicely lined-up !

I have a long way to go before rivaling Jes Touvdal's Fw 190 collection, but I intend to give him a run for his money!

I've also done some more work on the massive 24th scale Airfix kit. Thanks to a couple of builds on the Airfix Tribute forum I've stumbled on the solution to the engine length problem - omit part 36, the rear of the crankcase, highlighted in the photo below. The BMW 801 is the example on display at Duxford - note the bright alu of the cylinder heads and the brownish exhausts..click on the photos for a closer view.

..and as this page - for some reason - is the most popular on this blog, here is a special treat for new visitors - above, some of the Fw 190s finished on this blog, and, below, a couple of nice pics in my collection via Fw 190 author Jean-Yves Lorant; below, Priller in his 'black 13' 'Jutta' and a rare image of III./JG 54 A-8s seen in early 1945. Below that, three views of late-war Fw 190s belonging to JG 300, the leading Geschwader in the Defence of the Reich  or Reichsverteidigung


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