Sunday, 21 November 2010

new Airfix builds, LTV Buffalo, Bf109 G-6, IWM Duxford Sea Vixen

 A little work this week on the LTV 4 Buffalo and a couple of web shots of the real thing. Preshading done. The vinyl tracks were a pain, tried heating them to stick them together without much luck and eventually resorted to stapling the ends together. While I can hide the staple I can't hide the damage that I did to the tracks by heating them!

Also this week I went and placed my order for the new Airfix 48th scale Sea Vixen - looking forward to starting this as soon as it arrives. Some shots of the aircraft which I snapped at the IWM Duxford this summer

...and finally I've been working on the latest Airfix Bf 109 G-6. Scratched the cockpit which is totally bare and sanded off the misshapen cowl 'Beulen' in an attempt to recreate an earlier G-2. The differences between the G-2 and G-6 are slight and basically comprised the addition of 13mm cowl MGs instead of 7,92mm MGs. That translates to bulges, 40 kg extra weight, and 9 km/h loss of speed.
- different radio set (VHF intead of HF, but that's actually already there on the G-4)
- larger main wheels and tailwheel. The upper wing panels on the G-2 thus have no wheel bulges, while the G-6 tailwheel is non-retractable. However this is not strictly a difference between G-6 and G-2, but a later addition to 109Gs in spring 1943. Late production G-2s had non-retractable tailwheel as well, or were retrofitted with one.
Historically, about half of the 109Gs in mid-1943 were G-2s and performance-wise identical G-4s (plus some identical, but pressurized G-1s and G-3s, they could be also fitted with GM-1 for high alt work), and the other half was made up by G-6s which appeared in February 1943. Slowly the G-6s become prominent, practically replaced by the G-14 (= G6 + MW-50 + latest gimnicks) on the production lines in July 1944.

It had the same engine, no methanol boost initially, that only came in early 1944. The engine was cleared for higher rating (1.42ata) for 1475 PS output vs. earlier 1310 PS, in either June 1943 or October 1943. The only kit part in the model is the seat which has been completely reworked to incorporate some head/shoulder armour. Not a particularly accurate G-6 from Airfix although a nice new tool. The forward nose slopes far too much for my liking

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