Monday, 7 March 2011

Academy Tempest V (2)

The Academy model is very good on the whole. No real issues to speak of at all - aside from an incorrect rear radiator duct profile, but that's hardly visible in this scale. I've added some wingtip lenses and will have to add a whip aerial. Otherwise some of the kit parts are so small and so finely moulded they are bit difficult to see! Some 'experts' maintain that the wing shape needs to be re-profiled, but frankly there's not a lot in it - the biggest problem to my eyes was the over-sized tail wheel doors, which I've trimmed down a little. Decals going on - and for once even these are performing okay. You will note that I haven't worked terribly hard on getting a 'hard' camo scheme...done freehand after all..This is Clostermann's last JF*E which he had for a matter of weeks during August 1945 - so no weathering to speak of either !

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