Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Colourful captured Butcher birds and the Focke Wulf 190 stash

Not much to report here. After our trips to Greece and Belgium and a chance to see the USAF Thunderbirds in action little if anything has happened on the bench for a while now. Another Revell Fw 190 (1/72) nears the painting stage, this one hopefully finished as Oblt. Bretschneider's 'Red 1' complete with faired-over cowl MG troughs and armoured Panzerplatte from card..

Having recently picked up two of the new Karaya 'Captured Butcher birds' sheets no doubt this Fw 190 will be followed by several more...in fact a red, yellow and blue example to go with the white one already completed will make for a nice if rather gaudy display!  Elsewhere Mike Grant has just built the yellow captured 354th FG machine 'Cobras prize' in the current issue of SAMI...

Above 404th FG captured machine from 5./JG 4 and below Fw190G-3, W.Nr.160057 (CE.No.2900). This example was one of two captured at Gerbini in Sicily by the 85th FS of the 79th FG in September 1943. It was shipped to the US in January 1944 where repairs were made and it was flown to NAS Patuxent River in February. Model is the old Airfix A-8 with replacement white metal cowl cover and vacform canopy.

Elsewhere the stash continues to grow - most notably of Eduard 1/48 scale Doras.


  1. Fascinating!! The Grumman Bearcat was based off the Focke Wulf. I wonder if one of these captured ones was the one they used.