Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Airfix Curtiss 81-A-2 Hawk AVG 3 Squadron 'Hells Angels' build blog (Day 3)

Day 3 of the new Airfix Hawk build - assembly is very straight forward, the most difficult part of this kit will be getting that suitably weathered paint finish looking right. This will do for me I feel. Rather than use 'blu-tac sausages' to get the colour demarcation looking just so, I've applied a coat of light earth (Humbrol 119) and then carefuly painted in the outline in dark green and filled the green areas in with the air brush. Not terribly neat ..but much quicker than all that messing about with blutac!
As with parts one and two of this build I've added some reference utilising some neat photos from Avions 126 (its okay, editor Michel is a friend...) and the full colour three view from Jean-Louis Couston (RIP) in the same issue for the upper surface scheme. The colour photo depicts Robert Tharp Smith with the Disney-designed 'Flying Tiger' neatly rendered on Airfix's decal sheet. Note Smith's Chinese cap and the 'Angel' design painted on the flight jacket. The photo below depicts Smith in the cockpit of his 'white 77' and provides a good view of the gunsight - which is unfortunately not in the kit.

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