Monday, 9 January 2012

Giampiero Piva's Luftwaffe model collection

A look at some of Giampiero Piva's Luftwaffe model collection. Giampiero paints with brushes although you'd never believe it to see some of these superlative finishes! Stunning work!

First up, Junkers F-13, ‘TV+OO’’ ex ‘D-1’, first prototype (1919), transferred to Flugzeugführerschule A/B 1 at Görlitz, in the summer 1940. Damaged due a storm in November 1940; subsequent fate unknown. Note the scratchbuilt exhaust, propeller, access ladder, various handles, tail skid and modified ailerons and windscreen. The model, as is usual for Giampiero, totally hand brushed.

The aircraft types here are not the run-of-mill Fw 190s or Bf109s that most of us model, but range from the night-attack Gotha 145 (Huma) and the Special Hobby Junkers Ju 34 liaison aircraft to a T-2 (Träger or carrier) version of the Bf 109 serving with JG 11. The superlative finishes Giampiero achieves with brushes have to be seen to be believed. First type below is an Arado Ar 65 followed by an Arado 66 serving with a night-harassment unit. Right at the bottom we have a Dornier Do 24 seaplane and a Mistel I with the 'F' variant Bf109 as the upper component. Just to repeat - these are brush painted in 1:72 scale. The meander/squiggle camo is particularly impressive !

cheers Giampiero !


  1. Hi do you know where Giampiero Piva got the decals for the U9+ED markings on his Arado Ar 66?

  2. What is his technique for brush painting, is there a video?