Thursday, 5 April 2012

Airfix Morris Marina

no I'm not building it ..or even bidding, but this is so rare I'd thought I'd like to keep some record of having seen it on this blog. This is one of the hardest Airfix kits to find out there and certainly the rarest of the so called “modern” car series. According to the seller; " the kit is all complete although some parts are of the sprues. The instructions and complaint slip are there and this is a series 2 kit in the Type 4 box. There are some minor marks  on the front but overall this is still going to be a very desirable kit and I would rate it 8 out of 10 if I was perfectly honest due to the parts not all being on the sprues and the marking to the box.." .


  1. A perfect kit to try your realistic Rust on. The kit will probanly go together with a better fit than the original and have less filler than the one i owned :(

    Of course to make this a realistic build you will need to stop for a tea break every few minutes.
    Finish paint job in "Mustard Yellow"

  2. one of the first cars i owned, i watched it on ebay too and couldnt believe want it went for.