Thursday, 20 June 2013

2 x Revell Me 262 in 1:72 - 'striped' 'Green 1' flown by Maj. Rudolf Sinner of the Stab III./JG 7, March 1945

I had started an Academy and Revell dual Me 262 build but put them aside to focus on the Airfix Typhoon. Progress on the Academy Me 262 has been non-existent but I have picked up and started a second Revell Me 262 after encountering a problem with the canopy in the first one. I quite like the Revell 262 but somewhere along the line they've altered the mold, replacing the original three-part canopy and rear decking with a new plastic part and a single-part canopy - which is a terrible fit and on my example had a nasty crack in it, quite apart from being far from transparent. I've since decided to smash-mold a new 'clear' part using a candle and clear plastic food container lid and cut it into three to replicate the 'older' mold of this kit - and decided to finish the second Revell kit at the same time. In these pictures I have attached the windscreen and the rear of the canopy with some 'Glue n' glaze'. The model is painted overall Hellblau as seen on one of the early series production machines

The second kit is now well into the painting stage too - using Xtracolor and WEM Luftwaffe enamels in 82 and 83 this one is being finished as one of the 'striped' machines flown by Maj. Rudolf Sinner of the Stab III./JG 7 'Green 1' (note the German-language caption below states 'Red 1' )


  1. Looking good and liking the camo you've chosen. I have the Revell kit partly built and shelved years's in 'natural metal finish' as I wanted the putty-filled panels lines a/c. One day I might finish it. Anyway, look forward to seeing your creation.

  2. Like the stripes! Was it an operational finish?