Wednesday, 26 February 2014

new-tool Airfix Harrier GR.1 No. 1 Squadron 1971 build review

..although I still have a few stencils to add, it was a sunny spring-like day here in deepest Kent, so this is the new-tool Airfix Harrier GR.1 in the markings of 'XV 749' of No. 1 Squadron. Above, an Air Britain image in my collection of the similarly-marked 'XV 755'. Aircraft and model are depicted in No. 1 Squadron's initial paint scheme consisting of full colour national insignia - which lasted no more than one week - circa 1971. Airfix don't however provide the unit badge seen atop the fin flash on the real machine..


  1. That has turned out very nicely indeed. Looking at the enlarged versions of your photos, it strikes me that with the new tool Airfix one doesn't really need to do anything to make the panel lines stand out. I've been debating that with myself in regard to the Vampire T11 - the lines look clear enough with the overall high speed silver finish. What do you think ? Am I just being lazy ?

  2. cheers!...I think natural metal looks especially effective with a black oil wash run into the lines in particular flying surfaces - but then that's probably just me

  3. That looks great and nice work on the camo, I know you like to build the new-tool Airfix kits - have you seen the new 1/72 Hurricanes out this year? I'm tempted, especially at around 5 smackers.