Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Eduard new tool 1:48th Bf 109 G-6 (2)

 Like many I was pretty disappointed with the new Eduard Bf 109 G-6 when I first got my hands on it. See my in-depth in-box review on this blog.  I don't think I went as far as some who more or less declared this kit unbuild-able, to be fatally flawed, and all those other negative comments. While I admit to squirming quite a bit at first there are now one or two nice builds appearing on the forums; even my new friend Mr. Gary Hatcher has finished one (see the August issue of SAMI). While I can't say I'll grow to love it, I have got over the disappointment somewhat, stopped "squirming"  and started to crack on with what is in fact a very 'build-able' and enjoyable kit. If you're going to get this kit, buy one from someone who thinks it's fatally flawed, you might get a good deal. Note that I am in no way dismissing the issues - while most criticism focuses on the 'over-scale' issue the landing gear will look incredibly rough if not dealt with - no compression, silly stance and hopeless representation of the brake lines running down the gear struts. I note that some builders have cut away a little bit of the forward edge of the gear bay to get more forward lean. Not ideal, but helpful. Elsewhere others have cut the back of the square peg in the top wing bay so the gear leg can slide back a little to give more forward lean; whatever the solution there's some work to do there. But mostly I have just decided to treat this kit as a 'fun' build. Here's where I am with the cockpit which is mostly etch...in itself a test of my 'skills'...

oh and while other blogs go on holiday, we go on holiday to blog so see you again very soon..

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  1. Another tricky one, then? I must say, I'm a fan of Mr Hatcher's editorial and magazine skills - on balance, my favourite aeromodelling magazine. What are the decals with the Gustav ? RSI, by any chance (he said, hopefully)?