Thursday, 26 February 2015

new-tool Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant in 1:72nd scale build review - part 2

cockpit is reasonably detailed including stick, rudder pedals and a coloured decal for the instrument panel, The wheel well insert is nicely detailed too.  All I've done here is added some foil belts. I have acquired an Airwaves etch set designed for the 'old' Defiant, but see no need to use it here. Parts fit well, no filing or fettling required. I'll probably need a smidge of filler along the wing root and just under the nose at the wing join..Next job will be to cut out the wingtip lights and replace with a lump of clear sprue sanded to shape and probably add from sprue or wire the prominent bracing struts behind the pilot's head armour. Not much else to report..

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