Thursday, 23 April 2015

new-tool Airifx Spitfire Mk I 1:48th scale build review (part 2)

..assembling the cockpit and fuselage on my first new-tool Spitfire Mk 1.. So far so good. Lovely kit, no real problems with fit - just a couple of parts snapped where the large sprue flexes. A bit of fettling is required to get the frames (?) to 'sit' properly in the tub. I don't think the instructions are explicit enough in some areas. The cockpit walls (C1/C2) are not meant to fit 100% flush to the fuselage bulkhead (C52) as they 'overlap' to then lock into the fuselage halves, but no- where is that indicated. Bit of trial and error there. Note the pilot's door can be easily cut out - the open door is supplied as a separate part and there are a choice of forward cowls with reinforced frame mount -or not - depending on the variant being built.

..cutting out the gun bay covers, both upper and lower wing surfaces.

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