Saturday, 10 December 2016

Airfix Sea Vixen 48th scale - fitting the undercarriage (7)

Part 7 of my Sea Vixen build.  This build has been sitting on the 'shelf of doom' since February 2011!   Nearly six years since this kit was released and I last touched it here ...err, what happened ?! Still, I'm on a roll with kits from the 'shelf of doom' this year, this is the fourth to be retrieved and with this post I've equalled last year's post count..

Last time I put the Vixen down I was struggling with the flaps, where the fit is poor and then the wing-fold option - a kit like this with so many options left me struggling to make up my mind how I wanted it to look. But now I have the lower surfaces painted and masked up for the EDSG and the gear is fitted - so far so good with the 'weighted' nose.

Completed model is here

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