Friday 10 February 2017

Academy Bf 109 G-6/G-14 in 72nd scale (2)

 Academy Bf 109 Gustav in 72nd scale. Boxed as a G-14 with tall tail and Erla Haube, but just as possibly a late G-6. In the markings of the Luftwaffe's leading ace Hartmann as JG 53 Gruppenkommandeur during February 1945, another image of the real machine at bottom, print in my collection. I'm pretty sure I can see a battery box cover on the rear cockpit wall but not a detail I've attempted to replicate. Nor have I simulated the heavy overspray on the prop blades!


  1. That is a very neat finish! I do like non-standard Luftwaffe schemes, even a tricky one like this.

  2. thanks. Yes a bit tricky is the right word. A few re-sprays required before I got to the finish. But the Academy decals worked excellently for once. So all in all quite happy with the final result even if largely guesswork as to the detail of the finish..

  3. Hi, thats a brilliant finish!
    Is the base colours the standard 74/74/76?