Sunday, 25 July 2010

Hasegawa F4U-1 Corsair 1/72 (2)

Some more progress - finished with my own mix of Humbrol enamels and my PremiAir G35 for some suitably 'faded' effects. Frankly I've no idea of the 'correct' colours for VF-17 Corsairs using humbrol enamels. This is especially true of the undersides which appear to be white and grey. The lighter blue looks like RLM 76 here.. but then check out the colour pics of Hellcats in the Squadron Walkaround volume on that type - a perfect match ! Tried out some chipping using the salt/water technique. Certainly appears to be 'easier' to control than the 'hairspray' technique. Kit builds easily enough, raised panel lines and all, stuck some etch in the cockpit, Airwaves belts/buckles. Drilled out the exhausts.

Unfortunately the canopy didn't fit too well and the Kagero masks left some very sticky residue on it when they were removed. Cleaned up with 'Brasso' but that meant that I had to repaint the frames with a brush !

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