Sunday, 4 July 2010

new Airfix Bf 109 Emil in 48th scale

well I've more or less finished this Airfix Bf109 E 'build-review' so here's where I am currently. Used some Kagero decals to finish this as a ZG1 Wespen Geschwader E-4/B. The only kit decals used here are the Balkenkreuze. Overall I'm fairly pleased with the result. The kit is very nicely detailed but is let down on a couple of points - the canopies are rather thick and the prop a little on the skinny side. The gear legs are too long and need shortening. The kit decals were just a little bland and limited to BoB subjects. There is a suggestion that the nose is too short - it may be compared to the Tamiya but if it is there's only a millimetre or so in it and it certainly doesn't spoil the 'look' of the finished model..always assuming the Tamiya nose is correct. (it looks a little long to me!)
As for this particular finish I hesitated over greens vs. greys for the camo, and then there's the 'old' III./SKG 210 vs. ZG1 or E-4/B vs. E-7 argument. All in all this build/finish is a bit of a 'dogs dinner'. The kit itself looks so good in the box. The few faults that become apparent during the build are easily corrected !

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