Thursday, 13 January 2011

Airfix Sea Vixen (3)

some work on the Sea Vixen's cockpit - as it is painted black overall it is possible to build up this neatly detailed area of the kit prior to getting the paints out. Note the detail of the observer's radar scope. I've left the seats out for the moment, as they can probably be best painted on the sprue. Once painted the cockpit then inserts very easily into the upper fuselage half. Incidentally the colour information in the Airfix instructions is rather unhelpful.Photo background is Chris Clifford's superlative build in issue 1 of the new Airfix magazine..


  1. You might be interested to know that Revell is about to release a 1/32 scale BAe Hawk "Red Arrows" pretty soon. Just like the one on your banner.

  2. Hi Warren,

    ..yep, got my eyes on that one...although I'm looking forward to doing the new Arado at some point first!


  3. Agreed - I can't wait for that 1/32 scale HE 111 as well.