Friday, 21 January 2011

Airfix Sea Vixen (4)

The completed cockpit - well, completed to my satisfaction. Surprisingly enough the cockpit requires 20 of the kit's 84 stages - the seats are each six parts, the ejection handles being particularly small even in this scale. I've added some foil belts, a couple of buckles and the rest is the the best I could do with a brush for the smaller details. As usual not much will be visible when the fuselage is closed up. I've also added a view of the air brake bay and wheel wells installed in the lower fuselage half.  I actually can't see myself doing a full WIP for this one as I shall probably have to put it to one side soon and get on with something I can actually must be the biggest kit I've tackled since the Airfix 24 scale Harrier back when I was 12 years old ..apart from the 24 scale Fw 190 which is stalled of course..


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  2. typo ! ..

    you are too kind Warren ! Thanks as ever for taking the trouble to view and post a comment..

  3. Some fine detailing on the cockpit!It is handy for novice plane builders like myself to see step by step builds,

    Cheers Rich.

  4. thanks Rich..still a novice myself ! appreciate you dropping in and commenting!