Thursday, 7 April 2011

1/48th Airfix Spitfire XII (3)

Some work on the cockpit of my Airfix Spitfire XII - while waiting for some decent etch seatbelts to arrive.
Above; cutting back the fuselage sides to accomodate Airfix's unusual 'open canopy' option - which I'm not too sure about on second thoughts. Trying to work out which bits of the clear part to mask and what colour to paint them..below

The cockpit detail OOB is not bad at all  and includes a neat control column, seat, adjusting handle, moulded instrument panel - which I might just cover with some etch, throttle quadrant (discovered it on the sprues after scratching mine).  Rudder pedals are  a little disappointing comprising two solid lumps of plastic. Still time to replace them... possibly. All washed with Raw Sienna oil paint. Once inside the fuselage half the cockpit and bulkhead assemblies complete with oxygen tanks look very good and fit just as well.

I've subsequently added an etch instrument panel and seatbelts, added the compass under the panel and re-located the seat further forward in the cockpit - not as shown below.

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