Monday, 30 May 2011

Tamiya (1/48) and Revell (1/72) Fw 190 (2)

Progress on two of my current batch of Fw 190s. Above, Revell 1/72nd F-8 in sand/ olive green mottle scheme of SG 4 serving in Italy in early 1944. These Fw 190s had most of their markings except for the fuselage Balkenkreuze over-painted. I was tempted to just decal and paint over but then decided to have a go at producing a mask, filling in with black and then over-painting... WEM enamel sandgeld is far too dark for my tastes and has been lightened with light grey- which makes it look a little too 'pink'. Olivgün mottle still to come should hide that! Below Tamiya 1/48 A-3 to be finished in a III./JG 26 scheme with Adlerflügel 'eagle wing'  decoration.

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  1. You make it look so easy mate!Still trying planes and hope they turn out like yours.

    Cheers Rich.