Saturday, 19 November 2011

Airfix Spitfire I (1:48)

K9795, the 9th production Spitfire Mk. I in the markings of No. 19 Squadron in Duxford photographed in the autumn of 1938. The aircraft is flown by Sqn/Ldr Henry Cozens. During that time squadron letters were not yet assigned for the camouflaged aircraft and the unit temporarily used white-painted number 19 on the fin as a distinctive marking. These numbers appear to have only been used for a short period during 1938 and were later removed.

Alright I can hear you saying it..another Airfix Spitfire. Sorry, no excuses, I just enjoy doing Spits at the moment although to be fair, this Mk I, the last of Airfix's 'old' tools, is a little tricky - the wing-fuselage join is poor and the canopy doesn't fit at all well and has been 'blended' in to the fuselage with putty. I still have a number of  decals to add. I have 'toned' down the very bright yellow of the roundels. I think it looks 'different' with its two-bladed prop and tall antenna mast. Aerial from GS hypo cement (Uhu glue) - just stretch between your two attachments points - quick and easy. And quick and easy to replace...pleased enough with the finished model, specially as I didn't come across the reference photos until I'd finished which would have undoubtedly helped me with the fuselage roundel placement. The windshield in the photos appears to be the early rounded type, although wasn't an option in the kit. Should have checked out the Spitfire site sooner than I did....

Nothing like a close-up to tell you where things need touching up!  I'm aware that Spitfires were rarely seen on the ground with flaps deployed since - as this view indicates - they masked the radiator which could quickly lead to an overheating engine..I've represented the radiator grille with champagne bottle foil just visible here..

and while the sun is shining - a couple of new pics of my Tamiya Fw 190 A-3 finished earlier this year in the markings of III./JG 26. I was quite pleased with the way the exhaust staining over the Adlerflügel turned out...thanks for looking...

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