Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Airfix Swordfish 1:72

Two views of the new Airfix Swordfish as seen at Telford for IPMS Scale Model World 2011 and photographed by Rowan Gough. All the usual chat in the usual places but the consensus seems very positive;

" ..The interior is excellent. Not only are there ribs on the inside of the fuselage you get the small windows too. The main interior is a floor then three main pieces that form a sort of cage. Other details that you either glue in or are part of the moldings are the throttles, radio, spare machine gun magazines. The rigging mounts on the wings are there and you just need to run a fine drill through them to make the holes. Airfix do not skimp on the stores either; in addition to the torpedo, there are 6 x 250lb bombs, a long-range fuel tank and flame floats. Downside is that it will be Series 4 kit.."

Rowan's new modelling blog is here

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