Saturday, 13 July 2013

new tool Airfix Gloster Gladiator in 1:72nd scale (4)

Hottest day of the year and still wrestling with construction of the Gladiator. Things were going well and this is a lovely little kit, nicely detailed. But the engine and cowl break down are definitely its Achilles heel - in fact I've nearly given up on this more than once, but am persevering. Plenty of filler to hide the bad joins I've achieved. Snapping the the very thin lower cowl part B14 trying to get it off the sprue did not help.

Having to rig it doesn't help matters either. Being a complete chump at any modelling related task slightly outide of my comfort zone, I'm finding it difficult to achieve a decent technique to secure the EZ Line and have reverted back to stretched sprue, which is much easier. Halford Aluminium rattle can spray for the 73 Squadron alu finished version..

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  1. Keep at it, you're getting there! :)

    I also use E-Z line but have never had the task of rigging. I normally put a touch of glue on the surface of the a/c and then drop the end of the E-Z line in it and use a miniature screwdriver to add some pressure until it dries. It normally takes a few attempts but can easily make a mess of your nice painted surface........