Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"rigging" the Gladiator in 1:72nd scale (5)

Here is some progress on the new Airfix Gladiator. I have attached the gear legs and wheels - beware, the axles are very fragile and easily broken, ask me how I know! I have spent the afternoon in the sunshine applying lengths of stretched sprue into holes I've drilled in the wings to replicate the rigging. Airfix provide a rigging diagram which indicates exactly where to drill. Generally speaking I'm reasonably happy with the effect - to be honest I don't intend to add every line since there are a lot of them and not much room to manoeuvre after adding the main lines. Removing the 'X' support frame from between the wing struts was also a tricky exercise, perhaps part-cutting prior to fitting might work. In the end a quick cut with a heated blade worked for me


  1. Almost ready.
    Missing :) maybe just a blue swastika (knee position) on a white background.

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