Thursday 27 August 2015

Eduard new-tool 48th Bf-109 G-6 - build review (3)

..hard to believe that it is over a year since I started the Eduard new-tool Gustav (yes, that one!) - see here for a previous installment back in August 2014, putting the etch in the cockpit. Having picked the kit up again in June 2015 I've almost finished putting it together and have started painting. Fitted the wrong pilot head armour for the version I actually wanted to build, so I've had to do a heavily mottled example...
Below; showing off the radiator etch in the lower wing insert.

Here I've used the canopy mask from the Profipack edition - a little on the small size in fact, perhaps not surprising given that the kit is slightly - and famously now no doubt - overscale!

finished with my favourite Luftwaffe colours, Hannants Xtracolor enamels. The white tail is a clue to the example I'm building ...and a nice scoreboard for the rudder..


  1. Do you have pics of the undercarriage process? I built Eduard's E model and also has the same issues...


  2. hi

    unfortunately not. I cut off the oleo part and replace it with a shorter length of wire. I then carved out a bigger insert in the well so that I could angle to gear legs forward much more. Not very neat at all I'm afraid, but good enough for photos