Friday, 7 August 2015

new tool Airfix Spitfire Mk I 48th ( part 5) - finished

.I don't do many 48th builds or even Spitfires ..but my new Airfix Mk I is finished. Neat kit, lots of options, possibly a little 'over-engineered' in places, while the design of the gear legs is frankly a bit of an aberration; two parts that butt-join on the pintle in the well. In the markings of 602 Sqn's PO Osgood Villiers Hanbury who shot down his first Dornier on 15 September 1940. Osgood Villiers Hanbury was a local Kent boy, attending boarding school in Broadstairs before Eton and study periods in France and Germany pre-war, prior to getting a job in the City with Shell, where he made the acquaintance of one Douglas Bader as detailed in Roderick-Jones nice Grub St. bio entitled " Pedro.."... of course I've just seen Andy L's pic of this machine on with its 'non-standard' leading edge, might change that later...Airfix don't provide a decal for the personal emblem under the cockpit presumably because its impossible to see any detail on the only photo that shows it..


  1. This looks the part! Funnily enough, while buying some paint today in the sort of model shop I use, I picked up the 1/48 Spitfire. I'm really a 1/72 chap, and the stash will see me out, I suspect, so I put it down again. Airfix really do have some good stuff now - I see there's a new Whitley on the way that looks very fine.

  2. thanks very much .. well I've seen the box-art for a new Shackleton, but didn't know they were planning a Whitley as well; probably a little bit too obscure for me. Having said that I do seem to build a lot of Airfix new-tools, even though they are not always the easiest...