Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Airfix new-tool Junkers Ju 87 B-1 Stuka - in-box build review finished (2)

My completed new-tool Airfix Junkers Ju 87 B-1 in 72nd scale finished in the new Humbrol Luftwaffe enamels in the markings of a StG 51 machine. A nice simple build and finish. Looks a little 'toy-like' to me, perhaps those over scale panel lines on the wings don't help. No swastikas on the decal sheet. Some of the smaller parts are impossible to get off the sprues without breaking them, especially the bomb 'sling'..

And a link to the Academy and Italeri 72nd scale Stukas on this blog here


  1. Nice to see this kit built up - I cannot find many others online finished yet. I like Humbrol's interpretation of the 70/71 shades. Can you say anything about how the actual paint behaved? I have read some nasty comments that new Humbrol isn't anything like as good as 'old' Humbrol?

  2. hi Neil,

    sorry I've only just seen this so thanks for your kind comment! As for the 'new' Humbrol, they are not brilliant but spray 'okay' over an (acrylic) primer undercoat as here. If you're in the UK I use Halfords Grey out of the can..