Friday, 22 July 2016

Stunning new Tooby Airfix artwork and reactivating a couple of part-started builds, Revell Corsair, Airfix Fw 190, Academy Bf 109 G-14 in 72nd

nice day in the garden again ..and clearing some more part-started builds from the bench hopefully. I'm not that keen on reactivating part-started builds to be honest - I find that working up enthusiasm for them is hard work, but as it's a nice day and I'm on nights later on I'm just looking for something to fettle and tinker with in the sunshine...mind you if I can finish these this month, that will be a record five completions for the month! The Airfix Fw 190 I'm building as a night fighting 'Porcupine' of JG 300 - just adding some wire antennae having drilled out some holes on the wings and fuselage. The Academy G-14 to be finished as Hartmann's JG 53 Kommandeur machine should be a G-6...

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