Wednesday 21 February 2024

More 'Air' frames..


 Just reading a great article on model 'bases' over on the 'Model Airplane Maker' blog (see link in the side box) while I work up enthusiasm to start a new kit. In the meantime here are a few more of those 'frame' bases posted on various social media. Still thinking that I might try one of these, although I do favour 'splitting' and attaching the canopy. And the instruction sheet 'background' is very cool.

Friday 2 February 2024

new tool 72nd scale Dora Wings Fairey Delta 2 is here!


the new 72nd scale Dora Wings Fairey Delta 2 is here! All the way from Dnipro in the Ukraine for which the guys at Dora Wings deserve our admiration and support. The surprisingly small box features a 65-part model - and a small fret of etch - of this fabulous British supersonic research aircraft which will be started just as soon as.

Below; Movietone News report 

Friday 5 January 2024

New Year means new Airfix kit announcements - 2024 releases coming soon!


" ..One of the few benefits of us all going back to work at the start of any new year is that we do so in the sure and certain knowledge that we are about to be transfixed by a spectacular new collection of Airfix model kits, with the launch of the latest Airfix range. Featuring a collection of new tooling projects, new scheme options and artwork for some range favourites and the return of some kit classics, range launch day usually sees the Airfix website struggling to cope with all the additional traffic, as thousands of people rush to take a first look at what kits might be tempting them over the coming months and if our designers have been hard at work producing a newly tooled example of their own favourite modelling subject..."

Range launch this year will be taking place at 4pm on Tuesday 9th January, so things will hopefully have settled down by the time you get home from work, allowing you to spend a few uninterrupted minutes inspecting all the new kits we have in store for you throughout 2024. We will, of course, be posting a range overview edition of Workbench next week, where we will be taking a closer look at some of the significant additions to the range, before moving on to feature all the new tooling additions to the 2024 range in more detail over the next few months. By the time we have covered everything, we'll be ready for range launch 2025 - how time flies when you're an Airfix modeller!.."

The 'new announcement' date coincides with our model club night and a 'special' presentation to those attending by an Airfix representative. So tune in here next Wednesday for more then...

Better not forget either that Airfix are in business to make money, not to manufacture a kit that you would like...and if that includes another Bf 109 so be it.  

Having watched the slightly 'underwhelming' Airfix 2024 Product Release announcement 'live' on youtube - aside from a couple of neat 72nd kits - you have to suspect that this is just a clever ploy from Airfix and that we WILL see other brand-new kit announcements throughout the year like the surprise release of the Westland Sea King and ME 410 in 2023 and subsequent market reaction to this 'old school' approach to the release of new kits much more exciting than getting a full list at the beginning of the year with only half the list actually appearing..

- the Bristol Bulldog was the only 'new-tool' in 48th scale and was not 'lidared' from the Hendon exhibit which apparently is not 100% accurate. OR rather, they did LiDAR it, but then looked a bit closer and found out the restoration in the 1980s was not the best, so the Airfix designers then went with the Bristol drawings as a result. A good example of not blindly trusting LiDAR data and using multiple sources. And while it's not my preferred era, the designers at Airfix are improving their kits with every release, so a 'new-tool' is always an event no-matter what it is
- the 72nd Bf 109 Friedrich apears in the markings of Wolf dieter Huy (III./JG 77) and is a 'Starter set' because of the four-colour finish.
- the B-24 is an 'H' variant with the nose art and both options are camouflaged. The first natural alu machines were a different Block No. with amended nav windows
- the 72nd Chinook is 'BN' and a Gulf War option 
- new life-boat (that's all I can find to say about that one..)

Saturday 11 November 2023

new-tool Airfix 72nd Me 410 - first look at the sprues, Telford Scale Model World 2023

..yesterday's surprise announcement from Airfix of a new-tool Me 410 in 72nd scale was featured on FalkeEins-the Luftwaffe blog. Today a look at the sprues. Thanks to Del for being there and taking the photos..

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Typhoon Mk IB - R8893, 182 Sqd, Nov 1942 - Airfix 24th scale Typhoon 'Car Door'


A new attendee of the East Kent Scale Modellers group is Tom Le M.. His latest model was photographed on display at our last club night.

" At long last! It is done! 1:24 Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib Car Door - R8893, 182 Squadron, November 1942. It has been a crazy ride with a lot of firsts! I definitely fell in love with this kit. My painting skills not being as good as some modellers' out there, many mistakes were made and can't count how many times I very nearly gave up, right up to the end. So my Typhoon isn't perfect, but I think I gave it a damn good shot! I learned an awful lot in the process so the next one should be even better (whenever that will be).."

From the Wingleader Typhoon 'Photo Archive book 16'  ( a copy in evidence in the pic below of Tom's work bench)

After six weeks of training with the Typhoon IA, 182 Squadron received its first Mk IB with bomb racks, R8893, on 22 October 1942. Photographed a month later it has acquired the codes XM-M and Typhoon special markings as instructed on 19 November 1942. In addition to the white nose and spinner, four black 12-inch stripes were applied chordwise under the wings, starting at the wing root and spaced 24 inches apart. The cannon barrels have canvas covers. One of the first Typhoons modified to carry bombs, R8893 displays the short-lived white nose and black under-wing stripes. Note also the cannon with recoil springs mid-barrel. As with most Typhoons at this time it has the extended exhaust stubs. The aircraft also wears the overwing yellow ‘Dieppe’ stripes. Seen at RAF Martlesham Heath.

Wednesday 4 October 2023

Roden Fokker Dr. 1 72nd Jasta 12 Fw. Ulrich Neckel

You often hear people say, if you want to do something from WW I with not much rigging, try building a Fokker Dr. 1 triplane model. You have to wonder whether those people have actually done that - because building triplanes - especially in 72nd scale - is not easy even without having to worry too much about rigging!

The Roden kit is nice enough - quite detailed including separate sets of ailerons but very fiddly with its minuscule parts, including the internal cockpit framework and all the struts as separate parts, none of which have decent locating holes. I notice that sites such as Scott's 'Modelling Madness' have only ever done an in-box review of this kit. Which is pretty useless really - its not until you get into the build that you realise that some things are awry; eg the decals which are slightly over-sized and don't fit! Not to mention disintegrate on being moved from the backing paper. Fortunately there were two sets in my box - and one appeared to have been reprinted to the right dimensions (?). 


Fantastic box-art by the way. And lots of choices on the large decal sheet. Mine is finished in the markings of Fw. Ulrich Neckel of Jasta 12 with typical black rear fuselage and tailplane and 'dirty' white cowl and standard streaked finish over the rest of the airframe. Neckel was born 1898 and was one of the last winners of the Pour Le Mérite, awarded in his case in November 1918 for around 29 victories. He died in 1928 from TB.

To the right is the Revell 72nd Dr 1, probably an 'easier' buld although a little short on detail options. Check out the label links below for more triplanes on this blog..

Also on this blog;

Lt Paul Bäumer's Jasta Boelcke Fokker Dr. 1 204/17 (SMER 1:44th)

Monday 18 September 2023

Dora Wings Fairy Delta FD 2 in 72nd - sprue shot, test build and reference pics

in hommage to the old Frog model and due soon from Dora Wings - an FD 2 in 72nd. Sprue shots and test build

Below;  nice view of the legendary Fairey Delta 2 WG 774 preparing for a demonstration flight at the Farnborough Air Show c1954. The first FD.2 WG 774 made its first flight on 6 October 1954 with Peter Twiss at the controls. Flight testing continued until 17 November 1954 when during Twiss' 14th flight the engine failed and Twiss - with superb calm headedness - had to land a powerless machine, there being only enough hydraulic pressure to lower the nosewheel.. On 15 February 1956 the second FD 2 WG 777 made its first flight in the hands of Peter Twiss. Althugh both FD 2s carried service roundels neither saw service with the RAF. From the outset Twiss had felt that the type was capable of exceeding 1,000 mph and started calling for an attempt on the world air speed record then held by a F-100 Super Sabre at 822 mph..

Outpacing the Sun' Fairey FD.2 Booklet 1956

A large 32 page booklet produced by Fairey in co-operation with the 'Aeroplane' magazine telling the full story of the Fairey FD.2 attaining the absolute World Speed Record of 1,132 mph in March 1956. The story of the man who flew it, the men who built and designed it and how a speed of 20 miles a minute was measured at over 7 miles above the earth. Sample pages shown.

Fairey Delta 2 WG 774 remains one of the most important aircraft in British aviation history, being the original delta wing jet, and the first aircraft to exceed 1,000 mph. ( Aircraft set new record speed of 1,132 mph on 10 March 1956 ) The British Aircraft Corporation BAC Type 221 was a reconfiguration of the record breaking Fairey Delta 2 into a test bed to test the wing shape of Concorde. First flown as the Type 221 in May 1964, WG 774 spent a further nine years on test flying before being retired in June 1973.

 Dora Wings web site for more news is here