Thursday 15 November 2012

Polish Mustangs (303 Squadron, AJ Press)

Airfix P-51 in 1:72nd scale finished with Freightdog resin parts as Mustang IVA of No. 303 Squadron. Finished in the markings of CO S/Ldr Witold Lokuciewski. Note scoreboard of 11 black crosses under the windscreen. Decals and inspiration from the superlative AJ Press 'Polish Mustang units' book in their 'Fighting Units in Color' series. Roundels and flashes and Aeroproducts prop decals from the Xtradecal Mustang Mk IV sheet. (to be added)

Super package - A4 decal sheet, colour profiles and full page photos, perfect for the modeller ..and only £12. The decals were a little tricky to apply though, being incredibly thin. Made a mess of two of them. No colour pictures in the book although I did discover a nice colour(-ised?) view of  Jakub Bargielowski's 303 Sq. PD-Y in Militaria XX magazine from Kagero. Below that, a view of the Freightdog resin louvred intakes. I've still not achieved a particularly good fit on these.