Friday 25 December 2009

Chuck McBath's 'Dottie Dee II' 63FS/56th FG Revell P-47 (72nd)

Chuck McBath's 'Dottie Dee II' 63FS/56th FG

Friday 11 December 2009

56th FG P-47 Charles McBath's 'Dottie Dee'

..wasn't sure what I was going to do for the recent 8th Air Force campaign on and as I still hadn't started anything going into the final weeks, I grabbed this Revell 72nd P-47 from the pile..thought I'd try one of those neat looking 63 FS machines in blue. (just click on the pics for a larger image..)

Cockpit straight OOB with (champagne bottle) foil belts....

..think I've built this kit three or four times this year.....the only real 'problem' area with the Revell kit is the gear which sits perpendicular to the wing; looks much better raked forward a little as here - rather than pinning the legs, much easier to cobble together a new 'mount' using a prop 'disc'

started painting today ...note the 'scrap' plastic model which I use for getting the airbrush settings just so..freehand for a bit of a 'ragged' look ...(well, that's my excuse..) Colours are pretty approximate, some RLM 76 hellblau suitably doctored and some Flanker blue from Xtracolour - looks like this will be finished as Charles McBath's 'Dottie Dee' (right in lower pic)

..kit decals were a pain and only stayed on with a coat of white glue and plenty of Klear (!!).. but aside from some yellow prop tips and a flat coat this one is finished ...