Wednesday 7 April 2010

Airfix Focke Wulf 190 A (in 1:24 scale) - January 2017

And built by Carl Hartill and seen on FB

Another edit of this page - although still no progress on my build(s). Instead I've photographed two completed 24th scale Fw 190s seen at the RAF Manston History museum. Neat decal scheme in the markings of JG 11 Kommodore Anton Hackl, but a shame the modeller didn't deal with that wing leading edge.

Given that this page seems to be one of the most popular on this blog, perhaps I had better start doing some more work on my builds. At one point I had three 1:24th scale Airfix Fw 190s in my collection but I managed to dispose of one, so I'm just left with the one seen below and another part started which is depicted in the bottom photo. Airfix re-released this kit during 2013 and I did in fact receive an email from their representative asking for opinions on possible new decals and schemes for the A-5 although I believe that they elected to go again with Hermann Graf's colourful JGr. Ost aircraft. They could quite easily have corrected Hajo Herrmann's aircraft ( finished example below, but now known to be 'Green 1' in standard day fighter scheme) after featuring the spurious black camouflaged night fighter on their box art for so long!

I bought the Verlinden 1/20th scale Fw 190 cockpit kit to use the etch on my Airfix build, since accessories in this large scale are so hard to come by. I also purchased an Eagle Strike decal sheet for the 24 scale Hakenkreuze. I reckon I started this one nearly two years ago now, but not much progress so far. I'm a little apprehensive about tackling the known problems on this kit - care needs to be taken with the engine so that it sits properly within the cowling and the gear legs/wheels can sit at the wrong angle and ruin the appearance of the sit. The Verlinden box is a stand-alone cockpit 'kit' which I may incorporate into this build ...

You may be aware that the engine is too 'long' on this kit. Thanks to a couple of builds on the Airfix Tribute forum I've stumbled on the solution to this - omit part 36, the rear of the crankcase, highlighted in the photo below. The BMW 801 is the example on display at Duxford - note the bright alu of the cylinder heads and the brownish on the photos for a closer view.

There are a number of good builds of this kit to be found on the Airfix Tribute forum including the following by James 'Paveshadow' check it out

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