Sunday 14 February 2010

Italeri Bf 110 E Wolfgang Falck, Kommodore NJG 1

Bf 110 E assigned to Wolfgang Falck, Kommodore NJG 1, Deelen, Holland, late 1940 - the first Bf 110 painted overall black for nightfighting duties. Note the rudder kill markings - Falck in fact never actually shot down a bomber at night!

56th Fighter Group ace Robert Johnson

56th FG ace Robert Johnson scored his last victories on May 8th 1944 in LM-Q named -in homage to his crew chief - 'Penrod and Sam'. This was the only T'bolt he flew while serving with the 62nd FS and after beating Rickenbacker's victory record he was taken off combat ops.

Focke Wulf 190 A (Revell & Academy kits in 72nd)

The Revell & Academy Fw 190s side by side in the colours of Heinz Bär's 'Red 13' (JG 1) and Staffelführer JG 11 Erich Hondt. Note how horrible the Academy kit is with its barn-door type wing & hopelessly oversized ailerons. The rudder and engine cowl are also under-sized. In fact the front end bears no relation to the actual aircraft - easily Academy's worst 72nd scale kit.

Friday 5 February 2010

Italeri Bf109 G-6 in 72nd scale

Haven't done much modelling so far this year. I do most of my work in the garage and its been far too cold to spray of course. This is the Italeri G-6 in 72nd scale, not a bad kit, a bit industrial in places, especially the undercarriage and the gear legs are located way too far apart. I have been attempting to paint this freehand in an effort to replicate the well known 'Yellow 1' as flown by Manfred Dieterle of I./JG 300 on wilde Sau 'Wild boar' sorties during 1943. I haven't quite got enough wiggles in my waves but I'm not too unhappy with it for this scale. Now to find some decals somewhere in the spares box for it. {Painted with Vallejo acrylics and my PremiAir G35 - not a bad piece of kit for £30)