Monday 5 August 2013

new tool Airfix Fw 190 A-8 in1:72nd scale build review (1)

Is the fit any good ? some-one asked on the Airfix Tribute forum. I'm currently building mine and like most of these nice new Airfix tools, sorry to say, no it's not ! The two fuselage halves are very thin in the windscreen/coaming area and its difficult to stick them together, certainly around the instrument panel. Needless to say the instrument panel needs a fair bit of trimming/sanding, in fact IMHO best to put the fuselage halves together first, then add the upper cowl and engine ring for strength and to ensure fit. I then removed the locating lugs for the cockpit and slipped it in from underneath...much less hassle all round. Of course you'll have to leave out the gun sight if you do it this way and add it later.

I'm finding that the wing join along the leading edges - as with the Typhoon - is less than satisfactory - having to put the MGs in at this stage doesn't help. The wing root join isn't too bad but its the lower front cowl I had a big problem with, lots of sanding and trimming and then the wing will have to be glued and taped up in two stages, front and back so that it holds. Still, surface detail is excellent, the wheel wells are superbly rendered, I like the separate lower wing MG covers and I'm sure the finished model will look the part when done..

Having said that the end result can look quite nice.  Pics of one of my finished builds here


  1. No me gusto apenas lo vi en el boxreview, no vi nada especial en el a simple vista se nota que el Hasegawa es mejor ademas que ofrece en A-5, A-7, A-8 y el F.
    Es una lastima que Airfix alla fallado la oportunidad de ofrecernos el A-4 que hace mucha falta. Habra que esperar.

  2. Hi Ricardo,

    hola que pasa!

    yes I sort of agree with you - do we really need another Fw 190 A-8, when we probably would have preferred an A-3 or A-4. As you say, there isn't really any advantage here over kits we already have - except for the price (at least in Europe)...thanks for your comment..yes I must get that 'translate' button added to the blog..

  3. May be the 190 of Tamiya, Hasegawa and Revell are better than the Airfix but this is the only kit with the wheel bay correctly represented like the ones in 1/48 like Tamiya, Eduard, etc.

  4. Edgardo

    thanks for your comment ! you are absolutely correct..