Friday 27 August 2010

new tool Airfix Bf110 C/D (5)

Lots of filling and sanding of panel lines which even a couple of coats of primer could do nothing to disguise. Fit around the lower engine cowls was poor - they stand quite proud of the mount. Scratched the fuselage 'towel rail' antenna and the aileron balances. Have since added the crew boarding ladder and drilled out the supercharger intake and the cowl engine instrument faces. Hope to get some pre-shading and lower surfaces painted soon !

Otherwise the amount of things to hang under the wings in the box is quite impressive and includes the fuselage oil tank first seen on the 'D' variant and the the smaller 'fighter-style' drop tanks which will go to the Fujimi build.

RLM Luftwaffe - Humbrol equivalent colours - edited and updated July 2012

I tend to use Humbrol enamels since they spray very nicely, are easily available at the local craft shop and don't clog the tip of the airbrush like acrylics can do. Having done a little research it is perfectly possible to come up with some reasonable 'RLM' equivalents - the table that follows won't provide a 100% 'match' of course but may be useful for those who don't fancy mixing up colours and/or purchasing more expensive and less easily available alternatives. And they are more than good enough for me -see the pics below of my 1:72nd scale Airfix Bf 109 E-4 and my Tamiya 1:48th scale Fw 190 A-3 below finished in Humbrol enamels. A google search will bring up  other discussions and comparison tests. The results come up broadly like this:

RLM 02 Graugrün - Humbrol 78, 'cockpit green' - a bit too light and too green for my tastes but a good basis. Just add grey...
RLM 04 Gelb - Humbrol 154 (yellow)
RLM 63 - Humbrol 31, just about spot on
RLM 65 - Humbrol 65
RLM 66 - Humbrol 67 - this is a perfect match, not as dark as White Ensign's RLM 66.
RLM 70 - Humbrol 91
RLM 71 - Humbrol 117
RLM 74 - Humbrol 32
RLM 75 - Humbrol 27
RLM 76 - 40% Humbrol 65 and 50% Humbrol 28 and 10% white. Most brands of 76 have far too much 'blue' in them. Under certain lighting conditions RLM 76 was very bland..
RLM 78 - Humbrol 89
RLM 79 - Humbrol 118  - much better than the equivalent WEM RLM 79
RLM 80 - Humbrol 116
RLM 81 - Humbrol 155 based on XtraColor shade
RLM 82 - Humbrol 116 based on XtraColor shade
RLM 83 - Humbrol 86 based on XtraColor shade

A number of modellers have pointed out the lack of any reasonable equivalent for 72 and 73, the maritime greens. I looked at the Humbrol numbers for these shades a while ago and basically there is nothing that really comes close in the Humbrol range. A green/grey combination of 'similar' shades does exist though -  145 could be tried alongside 149, 91 with 32, or 66 and 67, although this latter combination might be too dark. To see the actual shades type 'Humbrol' and the number into google. In case you are wondering, yes, I do use White Ensign's Luftwaffe enamels, but generally find them too dark and too thick, requiring quite a bit of thinning. My last tin of WEM's RLM 02 congealed in the tin after only 4 or 5 uses so I was rather disappointed with that experience. The only Humbrol colour I'm not really happy with is the "02 Grau" equivalent - although Airfix/Humbrol are bringing out a new 02 Grau soon!

Revell Pz. IV Ausf. H

Revell Pz IV 72nd scale in an Eastern Front Wintertarnung - my attempt to utilise some of the techniques in Alex Clark's Osprey book ! I haven't done the mud around the road wheels too cleverly but I was quite pleased with the way the base came out...

Monday 23 August 2010

Airfix Emil 1/72 scale

Not seen this lovely new Airfix Emil mentioned on the forums - super new red box and boxtop art.

However the plastic parts are date stamped 1976 and this kit features horrible raised rivets all over. Fit is appalling with little or no detail worthy of the name and I very nearly put this one straight in the bin. The only thing that saves this kit is an excellent new decal sheet, so I'll quickly put this one together and use the kit decals for a change. Here the rivets are sanded off and an attempt to re-scribe the slats has been made..

Airfix Bf110 C in 72nd scale (4)

Slow progress on the Bf110. Fit around the cowlings, nosecone and tailplane is poor. Panel lines even for my tastes are overdone. That's putting it mildly. Lots of filling of panel lines and sanding to come !

Here the upper rear engine cowl taper has been sanded down and reshaped a little so that it no longer fouls the flapline..

Friday 20 August 2010

Getting the kids modelling ! (1)

A trip to the Muckleburgh collection on the north Norfolk coast (Weybourne camp) with its working tanks, static exhibits and model displays inspired son no.3 and his two cousins to build their first models. M. aged 11 chose the 1/76 Airfix Sd. Kfz. 234 to build while his cousin E. aged 14, has started an Airfix Sea Harrier (new tool). A(11) chose an Airfix GR.3 giftset

the finished 234 one day later.

E's Sea Harrier took a couple of days of intense concentration and effort - with little or no adult guidance, this is the finished model.

And A has since gone on to complete this very impressive B-17 !

Saturday 14 August 2010

new Airfix Bf110 C in 1/72

Airfix Bf110 construction proceeds apace. Fit isn't brilliant and the panel lines are either overdone or not there at all. Have decided to finish this as M8+ HE of II./ZG 76 during the Battle of Britain as in the photo from Erik Mombeeck's Luftwaffe Gallery. Will be using the kit decals as far as possible.

Friday 13 August 2010

Stalled builds - Italeri Apache, Otaki Fw 190, Italeri Maultier

Some of my 'stalled' builds. This Italeri Apache is virtually complete. Fit is poor. Has been painted at least twice and 'dusted' with pastels.

  Next up is this 48th scale Otaki Fw 190. Added some Verlinden etch and resin, along with some Sturm armour plate from plastic card before deciding this one really wasn't worth investing too much time on. Since putting this to one side Eduard have released a whole series of 190s which I will be pulling out of the stash soon ! some armour next - an Italeri Maultier Werfer which has had its chassis put together before one of the steering arms snapped and an Italeri Puma which was started ages ago and is now being 'deconstructed'

old Fujimi & new Airfix Bf110 (3)

Slow progress on both these kits mainly due to the large open cockpit. A little detailing with the Airwaves etch sheet and some plastic card doesn't really fill the huge amount of space in either kit. The Airfix kit includes 3 MG ammo drums to fill some of the cockpit floor - I've used the instrument panel decal supplied with the Airfix kit and the Airwaves etch instrument panel on the Fujimi, mainly because the Fujimi canopy can be displayed open.

First up (below) is the Fujimi Bf110 C

Wednesday 4 August 2010

old Fujimi and new Airfix Bf 110 C build (2)

A little bit of work on the Airfix cockpit. Some side consoles from plastic card are required. I'd like to use some of the etch from the Airwaves set which is designed for the Fujimi Bf110C - but the Airfix canopy is rather thick and a one-piece affair so a bit of a waste of time. Toyed with the idea of using the very nice multi-part Fujimi canopy (left) on the Airfix kit, but while it fits the Airfix kit nicely the opposite is not the case. Backdrop to these pics are the handbook illustrations in the Vasco/Estanislau book..

Tuesday 3 August 2010

new Airfix & old Fujimi Bf110 C in 1/72

Airfix's new Bf110 C arrived !Stunning red box crammed full of nicely detailed and moulded parts.

Airfix sprues

Couldn't resist having a quick go at putting the major components together. No problems - very neat. Big (and relatively) empty cockpit though. Bulged wheels and the exceptionally detailed undercarriage and gear bays are good. Slanted mounting points for the gear ensures the correct stance which is absent on all other 72nd scale Bf110s. Nose guns mounted on a plastic insert ensure perfect alignment - interlocking exhausts also guarantee hassle free construction in that area (I hope..)..looks pretty good overall !

I've laid the major structural parts out on the Kagero plans I have - no issues whatsoever that I can see, much like the recent Airfix 48th Emil. There is a hint of a problem in the upper engine cowl area where the 'taper' extends out over the flapline which it shouldn't do on the real thing. Here's a pic showing it alongside the Fujimi Bf110 C which is generally reckoned to be one of the best 110s in this scale, although its undercarriage is poor and the rear fuselage rather thin. The Airfix 110 is much better in both these areas. Rather like their excellent Spitfire IX Airfix haven't provided much for that cavernous cockpit opening - I'd say that is probably the weakest part of the kit again

Bf110 decals from Techmod and Kagero - and plenty of good reference over on my Luftwaffe blog - link on the side-bar ...