Friday 31 July 2020

RAF FGR 2 Phantom XV 497 arrives at the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation museum

An RAF F-4 'walkaround' - after a fashion!  In 2020 FGR.2 XV 497 was moved to a new home arriving at the Flixton museum from the former RAF Bentwaters on Tuesday 28 July and being assembled for display...this video documents the arrival and reassembly in moving and still pictures. 
XV 497 was flown south to RAF Mount Pleasant in the Falklands during the stay on the islands of 23 Sqd arriving in March 1988. Identifier was 'D'. The aircraft was taken over by 1435 Flight on 1 November 1988 and wore the unit's Maltese cross. Returned to the UK in 1990, going to 74 Sqd in 1991. The 'best' views of the airframe are captured here in screen 'grabs'. A single click to view the video here..


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  1. It was interesting to see how they craned the components into place!