Saturday, 28 June 2014

June and July issues of Model Aircraft magazine - my wilde Sau article JG 300, NJG 11

currently on UK news stands - part 2 of my Luftwaffe single-engine night fighters feature appears in the July issue of "Model Aircraft" magazine, part 1 having appeared in June's issue.. Let's face it, my model builds will never appear in a modelling magazine - unlike my friend Laurent at the STank models blog whose SS-21 Scarab is in the latest issue of Steelmasters. But now and again I put together some text to go with a bunch of my good friend Jean-Yves Lorant's photos, translate some of his pilot interviews and, in a first for one of my articles, persuade Anders Hjortsberg to come up with some of his superlative profile artwork.

.. Entitled "wilde Sau und Moskito Jagd" my 6,000 word article features the recollections of JG 302, NJGr.10 and NJG 11 pilots Fritz Gniffke and Walter Schermutzki over 12 pages in the two issues. I have also added some JG 300 photos to the mix, since JG 300 were the original wilde Sau Geschwader of course and especially as Gabler's "Red 8" is a markings option in the new Eduard Bf 109 G-6 Royal Class edition. Both issues are available from SAM Publications here

...currently on the bench - and, dare I say it, inspired by the magnificent photo reproduction in my own article - another Airfix new-tool Fw 190, planned in the markings of Klaus Bretschneider's A-7/Neptun with FuG 217 cowl and wing mounted aerials ....