Saturday 5 December 2020

KIT model shop in London ?



Kit Krazy model shop, Bexleyheath Broadway 2 post-lock-down 2 and a trip out to Bexleyheath, East London/Kent, to visit one of London's last 'old' classic model shops. From Peter Skipp's 'google' review;

 ".. wonderful haunt for scale modellers! Even if so many South East England mainstays had not sadly gone, I would still rate it as London's top model kit shop. A quiet atmosphere allows callers to browse undisturbed -- as they need to, in view of the huge stock that takes some browsing! A helpful and knowledgeable owner assists with even arcane queries. Parking in the area can be problematic, but public transport is plentiful and frequent, so spare your nerves and enjoy your visit undisturbed by using it! The area has plenty of nice greasy spoons where you can take a cuppa and refresh before continuing your pleasurable progress through Kit Krazy's stock!.." 

 Masses of stuff on site if you want to dig around and you will get a discount..