Sunday 6 July 2014

new-tool Airfix Hurricane Mk. I in 1:72nd build review (1)

inspired by the arrival of the latest Batailles Aeriennes devoted to the Hurricane in France Sept 39- May 40 I picked up and made a start on the new-tool 'rag-wing' Hurricane. After a few days fettling and sanding I'm just about to apply paint - for a lovely new tool, I found the fit was disappointingly poor, especially the two wing halves. Cockpit though is fantastic for the scale, although the control column is perhaps slightly too big..the Hawker pedal boards and 'see-through' cockpit floor are nicely rendered though.

The Batailles Aeriennes monograph covers the Belgian Hurricanes, H-22 being featured on the Airfix decal sheet..lots of optional detail parts in the box including both types of prop, lower fuselage strake, rudders etc

I've pinched the belts from the Valiant Wings update set - this is designed for the old tool Airfix Hurricane. About the only other part that could be used on this kit is the pilot's foot step...