Friday 30 August 2013

new tool Airfix Fw 190 A-8 1:72

First new tool Airfix Fw 190 A-8 finished using the kit decals, markings represent a Jagdgruppe 10 machine from late 1944. I would now really like to do  some A-5s and A-6s with this model but for that some-one (Colin at Freightdog ?) will have to consider giving us an 'un-bulged' upper cowl, the 'old' Aeroclub white metal part doesn't fit this new tool..

I did see one comment on BM regarding the length of the gear legs, but a simple test - laying the part down inside the wheel well- tells me at least that if the gear legs were too long they would not fit correctly into the well - and they do.

 I can see I've forgotten a few stencils from the comprehensive decal sheet. I used Xtracolour and Humbrol enamels but I think the 74/75 shades are probably a little too close to each other. 

Friday 23 August 2013

new tool Airfix Harrier GR. 1 in 1:72nd scale first look in the box review

..another new tool release from Airfix, this one again looks very nice in the box and the major parts assemble neatly without recourse to glue or tape, so I'm hopeful that this might be a more straight-forward build than some of the recent Airfix new tools.. 89 parts including the canopy in two sections, assembly instructions comprise 45 stages with in-flight or ground poses possible, with appropriate vents, stabilisers and air brake options..

I did see some forum carping about the price of this kit, mine was an Ebay purchase for £9.99 with free postage from Froome Model Centre. At the risk of being taken for an Airfix 'apologist' it looks pretty neat too and as far as I can tell the forum experts have had pretty meagre pickings - the holes in the tail boom need filling for a GR.1 and the strakes just forward of the outrigger legs are absent and one of the rectangular apertures visible on the forward upper wing needs a mesh cover. Personally I would have liked an AV8A decal option, AFAIK the only airframe difference is the large blade aerial on the fuselage spine usual if you want to get in close to look at some of that lovely fine detail just click on the pics...

This thread looks at the visual differences between the GR. 1 and the GR. 1A

new tool Airfix Fw 190 A-8 in1:72nd scale build review (2)

still hot here in Kent ..and as I'm fortunate enough to live right next door to this .... has been a little difficult getting down to some of this ....

still, today I thought I'd get some paint on the model (Xtracolour enamels) and it came out reasonably well...I'm not sure about masking the canopy closed now, it looks a little on the large side and I think I would have preferred to leave it open to disguise that fact, it should ideally sit flush with the rear fuselage...below comparison pic with the Revell A-8 (left). I like the surface detail on this new Airfix kit a lot...

below, some Focke Wulf reference, including Peter Rodeike's 444-page photo history 'Jagdflugzeug 190' and Jean Yves Lorant's classic 'Le Focke Wulf 190' , another 400-page volume, although this one was written and published when the author was still in his teens...

Monday 5 August 2013

new tool Airfix Fw 190 A-8 in1:72nd scale build review (1)

Is the fit any good ? some-one asked on the Airfix Tribute forum. I'm currently building mine and like most of these nice new Airfix tools, sorry to say, no it's not ! The two fuselage halves are very thin in the windscreen/coaming area and its difficult to stick them together, certainly around the instrument panel. Needless to say the instrument panel needs a fair bit of trimming/sanding, in fact IMHO best to put the fuselage halves together first, then add the upper cowl and engine ring for strength and to ensure fit. I then removed the locating lugs for the cockpit and slipped it in from underneath...much less hassle all round. Of course you'll have to leave out the gun sight if you do it this way and add it later.

I'm finding that the wing join along the leading edges - as with the Typhoon - is less than satisfactory - having to put the MGs in at this stage doesn't help. The wing root join isn't too bad but its the lower front cowl I had a big problem with, lots of sanding and trimming and then the wing will have to be glued and taped up in two stages, front and back so that it holds. Still, surface detail is excellent, the wheel wells are superbly rendered, I like the separate lower wing MG covers and I'm sure the finished model will look the part when done..

Having said that the end result can look quite nice.  Pics of one of my finished builds here

Thursday 1 August 2013

new tool Airfix Fw 190 A and Mosquito NF II reissue in 1:72 scale

A quick trip here ....modest and unpreposessing exterior, but inside one of the best cafe/restaurants in Kent, not to mention model shops !...

via this location... always something to look at and pick up cheaply, in this instance a couple of years worth of back issues of Classic Aircraft magazine at 10p each...

and calling in here to round off the day, "The Cat and Custard Pot ", a mile down the road from Hawkinge in the village of Paddlesworth and advertised as a "genuine" 'Battle of Britain' pub, certainly well patronised by all based at Hawkinge over the years from the pictures and memorabilia on the walls..

..there can't be many pubs in the UK with pictures of Jean Demozay  -91 Squadron CO and a leading French ace- on the wall; in fact I always wonder whether the regulars even know who the man was...FWIW my small tribute to this great pilot and Frenchie is here..

to secure a few of these....

I am finding it a little difficult to raise much enthusiasm for a new tool Airfix Fw 190 - I mean their old one wasn't that bad, I've built it a few times along with some 20 other Academy, Revell and Hasegawa Fw 190s in 1:72nd scale...however the kit looks to be very nicely done indeed; detailed cockpit, weighted wheels, two canopys and the possibility of posing them open, detailed exhaust inserts. I'm planning a very quick OOB to get my build tally up for the year. The Mosquito is a kit I've wanted to build since I  was a kid, looks great in its nice red box, as I have a shelf of 'black' aircraft I know which one I'll be doing. You can click on these pictures to get in close...