Tuesday 19 May 2015

Airfix new-tool Hurricane Mk 1 72nd scale VY*G, 85 Sqd

Putting the finishing touches to another small scale Airfix Hurricane Mk I, this time the 85 Sqd boxing. What a nice kit and great decals. Recommended references for these early Hurricanes are the two monographs recently produced by Lela Presse in their 'Air Battles' series entitled 'Hurricanes on the Continent'..

Note the use of the use of the Squadron "hexagon" marking on the fin, even though the fin flash is now in use and the gas patch ouboard of the wing roundel usually applied closer to the cockpit. Of interest as well is the light-toned spinner..

Albert Lewis's Hurricane, also 85 Sqdn, showing the outboard gas patch on both wings, but no sign of a hexagon on this or other pics from the series. The fin had the broad red stripe

More on 85 Sqd Hurricanes here


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