Tuesday 29 September 2015

Eduard 1:48th Bf 109 G-6 Gustav - build review (4)

My completed Eduard Bf 109 G-6 model finished in the markings of ace Alfred Grislawski JGr. 50 summer 1943 Wiesbaden.

Unfortunately it is not possible to achieve a decent 'sit' out of the box and a bit of surgery is required. In the end I cut off the oleo part of the gear leg and replaced it with a shorter length of wire. I then carved out a bigger insert in the wheel well so that I could angle the gear legs forward much more than is possible if they are plugged in as intended. Not very neat at all I'm afraid, but good enough for photos. Otherwise this is a decent kit, very nicely detailed, lovely surface engraving, but just a little too large for 48th scale!


  1. A very nice finish indeed. You've done a first rate job on the mottling - the really tricky thing that I'm sure puts plenty of people off tackling Luftwaffe fighters. Top banana!

  2. thanks very much for the kind comment!

  3. That is a beauty, I am really tempted to build another one from the stash now.

    Duncan B

  4. Cheers! Thanks for dropping in here Duncan..