Friday 5 February 2010

Italeri Bf109 G-6 in 72nd scale

Haven't done much modelling so far this year. I do most of my work in the garage and its been far too cold to spray of course. This is the Italeri G-6 in 72nd scale, not a bad kit, a bit industrial in places, especially the undercarriage and the gear legs are located way too far apart. I have been attempting to paint this freehand in an effort to replicate the well known 'Yellow 1' as flown by Manfred Dieterle of I./JG 300 on wilde Sau 'Wild boar' sorties during 1943. I haven't quite got enough wiggles in my waves but I'm not too unhappy with it for this scale. Now to find some decals somewhere in the spares box for it. {Painted with Vallejo acrylics and my PremiAir G35 - not a bad piece of kit for £30)

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