Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Airfix Spitfire XII (2)

The second kit decal option and box-top illustration subject is EB-B (MB882) , a 41 Squadron machine also based in Hawkinge. Image via 'blueyonder' photostream on flickr. Combat report posted by 'bombed' on BM. Click on the image to read the text and enlarge the pics. Note the IFF aerial under the starboard wing and the beam approach antenna under the rear fuselage.

Spotted this history of EB-B (MB882) posted by Dan Johnson on The Aviation Forum..."MB 882 was a Flight Commander's aircraft, first flown by F/L Don Smith RAAF and then F/L Terry Spencer when Smith went on to command 453 squadron. It had one of the last two Spit XII kills of the war when F/L Spencer shot down Luftwaffe Experte 'Bully' Lang and his 190 on 3 September 1944. MB882 took hits to the tail during that fight. Spencer downed a number of V-1s flying MB882 and it's the bird he was flying when he 'tipped' a V-1, something difficult to do with a clipped wing Spit. Peter Cowell was flying MB 882 at low altitude over the Channel when he 'bounced' off the water, shattering evenly all 4 blades about halfway down on each. He barely limped back at full throttle. This was in June 44."

Spitfire MkXII MB882 No 41 Sqdn

Spitfire EB-B

Spitfire Mk XII

Click on the photos to see more of  'blueyonder's super collection of veterans photos

2002And has already finished his Airfix Spitfire XII and made this great video. A single click to view here

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