Monday, 11 April 2011

Airfix 1/48 Spitfire XII (4)

Here in the 'Garden of England' our spell of 'summer' weather continues - and the Battle of Britain museum just a mile up the road doesn't open for the summer season until Easter! Another day in the sun in the garden. The modelling table is out of the garage and set up on the back lawn. A few quick shots of the cockpit in situ and the fuselage and wings assembled. Fit was not brilliant on the lower surface joins, but that may be because the cockpit location was not very positive. Next job will be to remove the upper cowl intake and replace it with something a little more on the pics to get in close.

As usual with these new tool Airfix kits there are still some gaps to fill. Much of that may well be down to my own cack-handedness since other builds of this kit don't seem to mention any particular concerns - and mostly the whole thing just clips together quite brilliantly. For gap-filling I use Squadron Green Putty rubbed down with my daughter's nail polish remover..

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