Friday, 3 June 2011

decaling the Tamiya Fw 190 A-3

My small scale Fw 190 was well received on very much indeed chaps!
I don't think I'll be posting any shots of this Tamiya Würger there though.  Decals went on today, using the Kagero Air Miniatures JG 26 set. This is a III. Gruppe machine with a nice Adlerflügel or eagle wing design. The disaster occurred when I tried to use the Tamiya stencils ..the dotted walkways just disintegrated in the water and many of the other stencils and one Hakenkreuz went the same way!  Then the sun turned my Klear coat into a gloopey mess - should have stayed in the garage!

Threw on the rest of the decals - or what I'd got left - and took a few snaps for posterity. At least the Kagero sheet performed well as usual - I recommend them for your Luftwaffe subjects!  Of course after taking a few shots I realised that I still have some detail painting to do  - along with adding some replacement stencils and a swastika - and then I spotted the deliberate mistake! But I'm not going to mention it here otherwise you'll notice it immediately...I am pleased though with the stance I achieved on the landing gear..I do feel that a proportion of the Tamiya Fw 190 kits you see finished have a rather over-done toe-in appearance. Note the 'over-painted' factory codes on the fuselage..

Thanks for looking, bye for now...

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