Saturday, 6 October 2012

Airfix North American Mustang Mk.IV Gift set (2)

My good friend Tony O'Toole's lovely RAF Mustang IV features in the latest issue of Airfix Model World. Tony kindly sent me a few pics and colour details to help me with my own build, which I've incorporated along with the Freightdog resin update set..

The pic below depicts the subject of the Airfix kit - North American Mustang Mk.IVa, KH774 coded GA-S of 112 Squadron whilst based in Italy during late 1945, showing the side profile of its uncuffed Aeroproducts propeller to advantage. The louvred breather intakes on the side of the lower cowl, common to many RAF Mustang Mk.IV`s and IVa`s, are available for the kit from the Freightdog resin update set- like the Aeroproducts propeller these are not provided in the Airfix Gift set boxing.

 Note the camouflage finish is not at all as indicated on the Airfix gift set boxing - the model (and the real aircraft) is wearing the so called `Firewall’ camouflage scheme of Ocean Grey, Dark Green and Medium Sea Grey.  On the real machine this was applied by 159 Maintenance Unit (MU) in Italy and is thought to have adorned only 20 or so late war Mustangs. `Firewall’ refers to the fact that the colour demarcation line between the green and grey on the nose runs directly in line with the engine firewall. Most of the aircraft in this scheme were delivered to 239 Wing in Italy (especially 3 Squadron RAAF and 112 Squadron RAF) and as well as having smaller 6in serials - not included in the kit - they could also be identified by a small `Crocodile’ insignia painted onto the left hand side of the fin, just above the fin flash. The spinner of this aircraft was originally red, as this was the wartime theatre marking for the Mediterranean area but following the end of hostilities this was changed to the much paler colour seen in the photo (note how much lighter it is compared to the red in the roundel and shark mouth) which is thought to be the light blue adopted by 239 Wing at this time. 

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