Monday 31 December 2012

Revell Wellington Mk. X, stalled builds - failed to complete anything in December !

December 2012 is the first month for three years that I've failed to complete something - in fact I haven't done anything of note for nearly two months now. I had been tinkering with some stalled builds  in the hope of finishing something before the end of the year - but no such luck. My usual remedy for 'modellers block' -  a little and often - is not really working for the Airfix Sea Vixen. My effort has been in the works for two years now and no end in sight...I'm still sanding and filing the lower boom/flap join which has proved to a real pain - in fact I pulled the flaps back off to go back over the join with more filler. At least the area is primer-ed now. And I haven't broken off the arrestor hook yet ....

Still, the modelling is ticking over -  a part-started Revell (Matchbox) 1/72nd Wellington Mk. X is also back on the bench.. I remember now why I put this one back in the box - no cockpit or indeed any other details to speak of and loads of masking of the two turrets which in itself will take a couple of sessions. I've been attempting to blank over the fuselage windows and am looking to complete this one -soon- as a Polish 304 Sq Coastal Command machine..I'm not going to bother with the Eduard interior etch set for this one - I just need to get something finished-  but have put in a scratch instrument panel, a bulkhead and door from plasticard, a new control yoke and tarted up the pilots seat. Nor am I bothering with any internal geodetic structure..

I have also made an attempt to finish the Revell Junkers Ju 88 (1/72nd) -  here's the latest view. This one stalled after I completely messed up the white camo finish, but after putting it away to forget about it I'm quite liking the overall effect now -suitably distressed I think you'll agree. Just got to put on some KG 76 AIMs decals and this one is finished ! See you again in 2013 hopefully, when I'll be knocking out a few AZ Spitfire IXs....

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  1. Buck up, me ol son! Modellers' block is a common state, and can only be overcome by a short period of benign neglect followed by diving into something new and interesting. I had a couple of months like that last fall, so I'm rooting for you to pull out of the doldrums!